Academic courses - A comprehensive programme of GCSEs and A Levels is offered through The Academy - the College's purpose-built 6th form centre. The Academy offers AS Levels (Advanced Subsidiary) which form the first part of a full A Level and are a qualification in their own right. The second half of the full A Level is the A2 Level.. We encourage students to pick up to 4 or 5 subjects at AS Level, which normally narrows down to three A2 Level subjects, but variations to this are possible.

Vocational courses - We offer a huge range of vocational subjects which give students real skills for the workplace. These courses suit young people if they have a career in mind and want to pursue a work-related qualification. Courses are offered at Levels 1 to 3, in a range of subject areas and involve a mixture of practical work and theory, often including work experience. Level 3 vocational courses eg BTEC Level 3 qualifications are equivalent to an A Level programme and count towards UCAS points, which are required for entry to Higher Education.

Helping students go higher - If students want to experience Higher Education but wish to stay living locally, we offer HE qualifications in a range of subjects, offering practical skills combined with theory. Many of our Higher Education students progress onto the second or third year of a degree course after successful study at Uxbridge College. To find out more, click here to view the Higher Education section on our website.

For more information on the courses we offer and to find out where students can progress to once they have completed their course, please click here to view a copy of our Full Time Prospectus.