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If you are considering joining the Armed Forces, Police, Fire, Ambulance or other Public Services these courses provide you with an excellent start. The Public Services motto is "To achieve is to succeed."

Students are involved in practical exercises from the start of the course in induction week, where a residential two night camping trip with hiking and team building will put you on track for the career you have chosen.

Fitness is essential and you will undertake regular fitness and drill exercises at 8.00am, and are required to wear a uniform. Discipline, attendance and meeting deadlines are important qualities for anyone planning a career in the Public Services and teamwork will play an important part of the course.

Many students go on to successful careers in the services and our courses also prepare you to go on to higher education.

What's it like in Public Services?

  • Strong links with the Army and all the other Forces
  • Previous residential stays have been arranged with the British Army and Navy
  • Practical drill and exercise sessions give a realistic experience of the Public Services
  • There are opportunities to take part in regular team building exercises
  • Students can take advantage of the Army Bursary Award Scheme
  • Students worked with local fire crews and Hillingdon Council providing emergency response to a simulated explosion
  • To read about the latest stories, activities and achievements in our School newsletter