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Top Tips to Get the Most Out of Revision

When it comes to revising for exams, you can really improve your results through good planning and better studying habits.

  • Follow our TOP TIPS to help you along the way !
  • Make your own revision notes: you'll learn as you write
  • Get virtual: log onto your virtual learning environment to access notes and information to help you
  • Search websites:·GCSE Bitesize & You Tube are ideal for revision guides to find practical help and advice·
  • Test yourself:·avoid subjects you already know
  • Plan - don't cram: list the topics you need to cover then create a revision timetable
  • Take regular breaks: your concentration lapses after a couple of hours
  • Practise: look at past exam papers and see how the questions could be asked and time yourself
  • Highlight key areas: using colours and symbols - visuals help you remember facts
  • Find yourself a space to revise: it will help you concentrate

Here are a few extra things to help you with your revision - click on the links below:

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