Car Parking

Full-time students
The College has limited parking on both sites and a fee is payable by students who wish to park in the College car parks. As a guide the fee for 2010/11 was £120 and is reviewed annually. On payment of this fee, you will be issued with a permit which must be displayed on your windscreen. Please note the permit entitles the holder to park in the car park but does not guarantee a parking space.

Part-time students
For 2010/2011 the following charges will apply for the Uxbridge and Hayes car parks:

  • Full year (3 terms), September to July, £60
  • 2 Terms, January to July, £40
  • 1 Term, September to December or January to April, £40
  • 1 Term, April to July £20

There are no car parking charges for students who are on:
■ evening courses
■ courses that do not exceed two days duration
■ European funded courses
■ Train to Gain courses.