Athena Liu 劉子瑋

Taiwan 台灣

Academy: A-Levels: Biology, Psychology and Maths. 在Uxbridge Coolege, 選讀生物,心理學以及數學.

Progressed to: University of Southampton, BSc Accounting and Finance. 目前在南安普敦大學就讀會計與金融.

Before I went to Uxbridge College I was in my exchange year in Nottingham, UK. I really wanted to move to London, so I went on Google to do some research. Uxbridge college was one of the top ones and after I compared it with other colleges, I found its tuition fee for international student is cheaper and living cost lower compared to central London. I went to the interview and really liked the college environment because it is really friendly and it has a rich culture diversity. I soon made many friends and we often hung out in the library and studied. Or sometimes we would go into town and chilled. It was a really great time of my life! I would totally recommend Uxbridge College, simply because I really enjoyed my time there and staff are really helpful no matter, whether in the process of writing a personal statement for my UCAS application or in the preparation of exams.

再去到 Uxbridge College 之前, 我本來是在諾丁漢的交換學生. 第二年的A-level 我想辦來倫敦, 所以我上網找到了這間學校. 一開始選擇它的原因很簡單: 學費便宜, 生活費跟市中心比更便宜. 加上來到這間學校面試之後, 覺得環境不錯, 行政人員也親切的. 後來一進到Uxbridge College就讀, 這裏的學生很多都來自不同國家以及文化背景. 與朋友家在文化上的交流使我受益良多! 每天的小確幸就是和朋友到圖書館唸書, 為考試奮鬥. 累了, 就會到鎮上的商場走走看看. 學校的老師在我課業上有疑問時也非常幫助我也會不時的給我建議. 這些對我來說幫助都很大也是為什麼我很享受在UC的日子.


Ho Ting Liu

Hong Kong


Progressed to: University of Warwick

Having completed seven CEEs (equivalent to GCSEs) in Hong Kong, I decided to follow in my brother’s footsteps and come to the UK to study at Uxbridge College.

In my first year I studied GCSE English and AS Levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Chemistry and Politics.  I achieved A grades in all four subjects and I continued to study them at A Level.

I loved everything about Uxbridge College - from the well prepared and enjoyable lectures to the great social activities for students.  I received excellent support and advice from my tutors and from the International Officer.

Studying away from my home country has given me the opportunity to become more independent, broaden my horizons and meet people from all cultures.  I would definitely recommend Uxbridge College as it’s a great place to study and has high quality teaching standards and different teaching methods.

After completing my studies at Uxbridge College, I moved onto the University of Warwick where I am currently reading Economics

Nikesh Hatuwal



Progressed to: University of Hertfordshire, BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

I came to the UK from Nepal  to study at Uxbridge College. I had a great experience at college and worked hard, which meant I had good enough results to progress on to the final year of a university degree. The tutors at Uxbridge College were really helpful, and I was  impressed with their way of teaching.  It was quite different compared to how I was taught at home where all the learning was theoretical. At college there was practical learning as well, which helps you understand more.

I liked the practical side and the college had good engineering workshops for this part of the qualification. It costs a lot less to complete a degree if you start with an HND and then go to university in the final year, than if you spend three or four years at a university. My plan is to do a postgraduate degree in Engineering and Management, gain some work experience, and eventually go back to Nepal. I would definitely recommend Uxbridge College for an international student.

Jaanasheen Mahendra


Computing – Interactive Media

Before coming to the UK, I had just completed my higher secondary qualifications in India.  I was planning to pursue a degree in India but chose to study the HND in Interactive Media at Uxbridge College instead because this course wasn’t available in my country.  My expectations were high as I’d heard that the UK was renowned for its excellent qualifications and teaching methods.

My aunt lives here and she recommended Uxbridge College to me.  I always wanted to study film animation and the course was perfect for me.  So far it has exceeded my expectations because it has everything I need such as Java, animation and creative studies.

Everyone has a computer of their own and the teachers give us extra time at the end of a lesson if we require further help.  They have so much energy and I love the way they get everyone involved in lessons.  I’ve found staff and students to be so friendly around the College.

After completing my HND, I plan to go to Bournemouth University and obtain a degree in this field and then go back to India and enter the film industry – “Bollywood”.  My long-term goal is to improve film animation in India and bring it up to the same level as the West.