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Copy of Annicks group DSC 0094Adults whose IT skills were so basic some couldn’t even switch on a computer are now confidently surfing the web and creating documents thanks to a part-time short course.

The group from the Entry 3 Basic ICT qualification at Uxbridge College, which included students who’d never used a computer before or whose skills were very outdated, enrolled to learn computing skills including word processing, spreadsheets and using the internet, as well as team and employability skills. The course is among a range of full-time and part-time courses available at the College’s campuses in Uxbridge and Hayes.

The group of 14 men and women, aged from their 30s upwards from a wide range of backgrounds, have improved their prospects in the job market, and are using their new skills to search for and apply for jobs as well as at using the internet at home. Some will be progressing on to further training at College while others are finding employment.

Tutor Annick Hooge, who teaches the course over 4 weeks, 3 days a week at the Hayes campus, off Coldharbour Lane, said: “These students had various starting points - half the class did not have a computer at home - and have all improved their computing and employability skills and self-esteem significantly. They’re also a great team - they helped each other so much I was practically redundant at times!

“Everyone had different things to learn, for instance some knew how to send an email but maybe not how cc or bcc worked or how to delete, and some had word processing skills they’d learned years ago, so as well as learning all the new computer programmes, they had to learn all the new descriptions used within the programmes as well.

“The students have not only demonstrated excellent levels of achievement, but have shown great dedication to their studies and a tremendous attitude to learning. Virtually all of them have come to College early to practice or to finish early or to get some extra help.”

Elizabeth Daura (57), from West Drayton, said: “I found the course very helpful because I have never been on a computer. I didn’t like it before but now I really love it - and my family are so happy because they have been pushing me to learn for ages. My tutor has boosted my confidence so much, I’ve achieved loads, and now I want to carry on studying.”

Niall Bracey (59), from Ruislip said: “I was fairly confident with computers and used to run my own business and was familiar with searches, emailing and business word documents but never went beyond the basics. I knew that if I wanted to be employed rather than self-employed I would need to improve my skills and the course has been very useful to me, especially using Microsoft Windows, Word and Excel.”

For more information about the whole range of full-time and part-time courses go to

For more information about the Entry 3 Basic ICT qualification contact Giles Strachan on 01895 853653, 07956 358630 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sanjna 2Uxbridge College A Level student Sanjna Vekaria’s vocal performance was dubbed ‘better than the X Factor final’ after she sang Feeling Good, the Nina Simone track recently made a hit by Michael Buble, in front of a television audience of 10 million on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show.

Sanjna’s appearance as the Unexpected Star on the BBC1 show ran head to head with the X Factor final, prompting a twitterstorm of comparisons.

Sanjna (18), who went through a series of BBC auditions which she was told were for a talent agency before appearing on the show, said: “Social media has gone a bit crazy - lots of people were comparing me with the X Factor final and saying I was better and it felt really good.

“When I woke up the morning after filming the show, I literally had to slap myself in the face because I couldn’t believe it. But when I saw the shoes that I’d worn in the corner of the room, I knew it had been real.”

Sanjna, who is studying History, Psychology and Sociology at College and practises taekwondo in her spare time, found herself face to face with Michael in the guise of a grandmaster, after being asked to teach at a fake training centre set up behind the theatre.

“I was dressed to teach taekwondo and definitely wasn’t expecting to go on television, so 10 million people haven’t just seen me sing, they’ve also seen me without make-up!”

Sanjna, who works part-time in M&S in Pinner and had to miss watching part of the show when it was broadcast due to her shift, was secretly nominated to take part by her mother Chhaya, who was in the audience with around 30 friends and family.

Sanjna, who sings regularly at local events and Westfield shopping centre in Shepherds Bush said: “I realised there was something a bit odd going on in the run up, because the ‘talent agency’ people were so nice and they are never normally nice. There were also things like me being at my uncle’s one Saturday night beforehand and Michael’s show being on television, and my mum painting my nails the night before filming when she hasn’t done that since I was six years old.

“I actually wasn’t nervous at all when it came to performing, anyone who sings has thought about doing it in their dreams, and as I only had an hour to get ready I didn’t have time to get nervous. I didn’t know the song though - I had been asked before if I could sing a list of songs and I’d said yes even though I couldn’t, because I thought I could learn them in time if I needed to. Luckily I had an autocue though.

“Since the show I have been working with a couple of producers and been given more work and I hope I will be able to build a career singing. People have also been noticing me, looking at me a bit odd and asking things like where I went to school - I don’t know if I like it or not!”

1000londoners 2017 NataliaUxbridge College filmmakers trained up by Chocolate Films are among those whose documentary work is being featured in the Youth Takeover season. features London’s largest documentary web series and each week viewers are able to watch a three-minute film about a new Londoner.

The new unique collection of shorts has been shot, directed and edited by young filmmakers from community events and colleges across the capital, including Uxbridge College. The students on the UAL Level 3 Creative Media Production: Film and Television course at Uxbridge College took part in feedback sessions facilitated by filmmakers from Chocolate Films, resulting in four films selected to be screened on the website.

Students from Uxbridge College produced films about Graphic Design student Natalia, upcoming recording artist Seun, single mother of six Simone, and flight attendant Tom.

David Lashbrook, Media Lecturer at Uxbridge College said: “The project offers students a great opportunity to develop their documentary production skills whilst engaging with members of the local community, and provides an opportunity to be a part of a unique web series which aims to give a digital portrait of London. The films produced were varied and give an interesting insight into the lives of some diverse Londoners. The standard of films produced on this project was excellent and I am really pleased that four films were selected for the web series. The feedback that the College received from Chocolate Films was very positive and we hope to work with them again in the future.”

Chocolate Films, working in partnership with a range of organisations including Heathrow Community Fund, were able to offer a number of students the opportunity to receive documentary filmmaking workshops, access to professional equipment, and work experience at their studios in London.

The project benefited the students by allowing them to gain an insight into the media industry and valuable work experience. As a result they were able to develop their employability skills, and produce two high quality videos which will assist them in future applications for both industry and university.

1000 Londoners Young Ambassadors offers young Londoners aged 15-25 the opportunity to gain more experience in pre production, production, post production, event production and marketing. The Young Ambassadors meet once a month to discuss future production decisions, develop filmmaking skills and produce 1000 Londoners films.

Chocolate Films is a South London based film production company specialising in documentary film production and learning programmes. Set up 15 years ago, by directors Mark Currie and Rachel Wang, Chocolate Films has a team of 17 filmmakers providing full production services to charities, museums, galleries and heritage organisations, as well as cinema documentaries.

Directed by: Marcus Cartwright
Director of Photography: Arjun Rajput
Camera Operator: Kageth Kathirgamalingam
Production Sound Mixer: Shay-Lynn Dudhia

Directed by: Elena Queally
Director of Photography: Thomas O’Regan
Production Sound Mixer: Nathan Semke

Directed by: Dane Powell
Director of Photography: Ryan Baldock
Camera Operator: Ryan Masters
Production Sound Mixer: Laine Ambrose-Mcauliffe

Directed by: Christian Preedy
Director of Photography: Piotr Brzegowy
Camera Operator: Dante Ellington-Grant
Production Sound Mixer: Daniel Baker

The documentaries will be live on the site from the following dates:
Natalia: Monday 11 December
Simone: Monday 18 December
Tom: Monday 1 January
Seun: Monday 8 January.


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