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Meeting Room 07Art & Design students transformed two blank walls into a vibrant, lively workspace at Rocket Software’s UK headquarters.

The students worked with the global company on two space-themed mural paintings to brighten up the offices in Stockley Park, Uxbridge.

Caroline Seaward, Senior Order Management Specialist at Rocket Software said: “The students displayed great teamwork and commitment in following our brief, submitting draft designs and delivering a final product to the set deadline. We are very happy with the end result and after sharing photos on our intranet site, the walls in the Uxbridge office have been a real talking point across Rocket worldwide! We would certainly consider doing something like this again in the future. Thanks also to Clara Clark for her support throughout the project.”

The project involving the group of eight first year students from UAL Level 3 Art and Design Diploma ran for two months, with the painting itself taking three days. Rocket provided a brief which the students interpreted and developed, collecting imagery, sketching designs, researching how to paint murals and drawing up a budget and materials list. After the initial design process they developed mock-up paintings and Rocket chose their favourite versions to be painted on the walls.

Clara Clark, Art & Design Lecturer, said: “The students worked on the project pretty much entirely independently, outside of lesson time as part of their work experience, making excellent use of their creative and technical skills and being prepared to use research to produce the best possible result. It was a fantastic opportunity for our artists to be collaborating with a global organisation such as Rocket Software in creating a large mural in a real environment, particularly to have so much positive feedback and support. A very big thank you to Rocket!”

Paul Hannaford IMG 0208Award-winning mentor and speaker Paul Hannaford gave a hard-hitting talk to students as part of Uxbridge College’s commitment to helping young people stay safe.

Paul’s presentation to around 2,000 students, organised in line with the Government’s Modern Crime Prevention Strategy and the Mayor of London’s Knife Crime Strategy, is part of the college’s ongoing programme of talks and activities to support young people’s employability and life skills and to maintain their safety.

Paul tours schools and colleges with his presentation, which cautions young people against the risks associated with carrying weapons and drug use. He explained the consequences of carrying knives, including unplanned usage, tragic, unavoidable deaths, and long jail sentences. Students also learn more about the relevant laws around knife carrying in compulsory college tutorial sessions.

Liam Plumridge, Course Team Leader for Employability, Progress and Review, who organised the visit, said: “Paul gave an inspiring talk which really made students think. Tragically, and as we all know, knife crime is on the increase, with a shocking number of young people continuing to lose their lives because of it. We pride ourselves on having a safe college and are committed to doing all we can to support this going forward and to equip our students to feel as safe as possible both inside and outside college.”

Paul Hannaford has given his talk to around 400,000 young people and won a number of awards for his campaigning work.

This Girl Can 2019 IMG 9767International Athlete Chelsea Alagoa and Sports Therapist Kaydene Parker headlined an inspiring day of talks and activities for local secondary school students as part of the This Girl Can campaign at Uxbridge College.

During 2019’s This Girl Can event at Uxbridge College, part of the national campaign to get more women exercising, Chelsea and Kaydene spoke to sixty students from six local high schools about their own sporting careers and passions.

Chelsea (pictured with the students) is a former member of the GB Bobsleigh Team and medal winning guide runner for international para-athletes and now plays basketball for Brunel University London. She encouraged the girls to make the most of every sporting opportunity that crosses their path and to take part for the pure enjoyment of being active.

Kaydene is a former Uxbridge College student, who qualified as a Sports Therapist at University of East London and now works in the role of Sports Academies Coordinator for the college’s Football, Basketball, Netball and Cricket teams as well as in private practice with Thames Valley Cavaliers National Basketball Club.

The day included a series of sporting activities, aiming to evoke excitement about participating in an active lifestyle, including: Tchoukball, Quidditch, UV Table Tennis, Aerobics, Danish Longball and Netball Shooting. There were also educational activities run surrounding: Body Perceptions, Biomechanics and Exercising at Home.

The Netball Shooting activity was run by Uxbridge College’s This Girl Can Student Ambassadors, who were eager to spread the word about the importance of sport and the many opportunities in the sector for girls their age.

Ellie Newman, Course Team Leader for Sport, who led the event at Uxbridge College, said: “This was another really successful event - our two guest speakers were a real inspiration. It was also great to have students from in and around the borough on site to make use of the enthusiasm of our staff, as well as the fantastic facilities we have on site, including our full size professional basketball court which we use for a wide range of sports. We hope the day will inspire more of the girls to take part in regular exercise and to consider studying or working in the thriving sports industry or even becoming professional sportswomen!”

This Girl Can events have been running at Uxbridge College since 2015 and continue to bring healthy and enjoyable sports participation to the forefront of the next generation’s mind.

The students who participated were from the following schools: Ealing Fields High, Drayton Manor High, Vyners, Uxbridge High, Parkside Studio and Rooks Heath.

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