Entry Requirements

A good level of English is required.

Who is the course for

Computer aided drafting (CAD) is fast becoming the primary means of communicating design information in many industry sectors, particularly in engineering and manufacturing. This course is intended to provide an opportunity for learners to become familiar with using this industry-standard application and develop operational skills to create 2D drawings to the correct standards.

Course Content

Understanding how to use CAD software

Understanding drawing standards i.e. first and, third angle and isometric projections

Creating and managing 2D drawings:

  • Preparing a template e.g. border, title block, logo etc.
  • Using the set up commands e.g.. grip, snap, grid, layer etc
  • Using drawing commands e.g. coordinate entry, line, arc, circle, text, dimension etc
  • Using editing commands e.g. copy, move, and erase, rotate, trim, extend etc.
  • Storing and presenting drawings.
  • Drawing of different mechanical components and house planning activities

The AutoCAD Workspace

  • The 2D Interface
  • The Ribbon & panels
  • Navigating the document
  • Drawing & Modifying Tools
  • Setting Units & Limits
  • Model & Paper spaces

Creating a Drawing

  • Drawing using Coordinates
  • Drawing using the Tools
  • Using Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Using Dynamic Input
  • Selecting objects
  • Modifying objects

Efficient Workflow

  • Creating Elevations
  • Moving & Copying objects
  • Mirroring objects
  • Creating Layers
  • Fillet Command
  • Break command
  • Fillet command
  • Chamfer command
  • Scaling in Paper Space
  • Creating Templates
  • User Coordinate System


  • Adding Dimensions
  • Adding & Modifying Text
  • Adding Multi-leaders
  • Creating Text Styles

Working with Polylines

  • Creating Polylines
  • Editing Polylines
  • Converting Lines to Polylines
  • Adding Hatching

Study Methods

Lectures, demonstrations and practical activities

How is the course assessed

No formal assessment but there will be an ongoing informal assessment

Where next - Further Studies

3D Modelling and Digital Printing or other CAD packages.

Where next - Job Opportunities


More Information

Last updated: 9 April 2018

How to Apply

This course requires an informal interview.

To arrange an assessment and interview time please contact Information, Advice & Guidance on 01895 853333.

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