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Entry Requirements

Basic understanding of the mechanical and electrical operation of motor vehicles

Who is the course for

Candidates who would like to develop skills in the fault finding and diagnostics of vehicles. This course would also be useful for those attending or aiming to take the C&G 4270-13 Level 3 Diploma, as it covers industry standard diagnostic procedures that must be used during the NVQ.

Course Content

  1. Introduction to the course, college rules and polices -Health and Safety, Tools for the job, Build a Portfolio, (H&S knowledge assessment, Workshop tour)
  2. Introduction to engines- engine component recognition and basic principles of engine components (Theory -Practical)
  3. Engine four stroke cycle fundamentals leading to mechanical misfire & cylinder leakage testing (Theory -Practical)
  4. Introduction to basic principles of electronic ignition systems (Theory -Practical)
  5. Electrical misfire/sensor testing. (Theory -Practical)
  6. Introduction to vehicle chassis system faults Braking, ABS, Steering and Suspension components (Theory -Practical)
  7. Diagnosing chassis system faults. (Theory -Practical)
  8. Understanding basic wiring diagrams and the correct use of a multi-meter. How to use diagnostic equipment and understanding Diagnostic trouble codes (Theory)
  9. Modern Vehicles wiring - History of OBD- Multiplex/CANbus. (Online exam - Theory)
  10. Vehicle Diagnostics overview. (Online exam retake and Sign off Portfolio)

Study Methods

Students are expected to take notes. Handouts are given to students throughout the course Practical work will be undertaken throughout the course, in fully equipped workshops, to support theory lessons delivered in the classroom.

Suitable safety boots and overalls will be required to carry out practical activities in the workshop and may be purchased from Amazon, B&Q etc. The candidate must provide their own boots and overalls. Please note the overalls should be navy colour and are described as workshop or warehouse coats at many outlets

How is the course assessed

A Final exam to be taken by students at week 9 of the course. Candidates will be expected to build a portfolio of work undertaken throughout the course.

Where next - Further Studies


Where next - Job Opportunities

  • Trainee Master Technician
  • Main dealer.

More Information

This is a full cost commercial course and all students pay fees, no concessions are available. ‘Fee refunds for commercial courses will not be awarded after two weeks before the scheduled start date of the course, unless the course is cancelled by the College.’

Last updated 29 November 2019

How to Apply

This course requires an informal telephone interview. Please click the orange button below to fill out the application form with your details and we will be in touch to arrange a time to contact you.

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